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For individuals who care about water resources, collaborative opportunities to exchange ideas, information and analysis of the key issues confronting water resource management and policy.
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The management of water resources determines the economic foundation of our communities and the health of our environment.  Mother Nature and policy determine our destiny.  Hydrowonk shares an economist’s perspective hardened with more than 30 years of experience reporting on the rise of water markets and policy as well as participating in some of the major developments in western water policy.  Our objective is to promote collaboration and exchange among the diversity of perspectives through common and new forums: Hydrowonk Blog and Hydrowonk Water Policy Markets.

Hydrowonk Blog

An Open Intellectual Marketplace for the Water Industry

Hydrowonk Water Policy Markets

Thousands of prediction markets have been used by the public and private sectors...

Why not the water industry?

Tap the wisdom of the water industry to assess risks and consequences of future events.

Premium Material on Western Water Issues