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What would be California’s Water Supply Situation without the BDCP and What It Means for Tunnels

There is a significant “risk factor” about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan that merits attention:

What would be California’s Water Supply situation without the tunnels?

Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard about alternatives to the no BDCP scenario defined by DWR.  What proves true will have a substantial impact on the cost of BDCP water.  Under alternative “no tunnel” scenarios, the best case for the cost of BDCP water would be well over $1,000/AF for a non-firm water supply.  There are some scenarios where the BDCP investment may yield even a lower water supply.  In those circumstances, the BDCP investment in tunnels would become the “bridge to nowhere” in waterworld.

Whatever one’s views about the BDCP, in the end we are rolling the dice on what is, in fact, the future world with and without the tunnels.

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Will There Be Buyers of Bay Delta Conservation Plan Water?

Beats me!  Let’s see.

California’s Department of Water Resources (“DWR”) argues that BDCP water is a bargain.  I do not find the pitch compelling.  The cost of water is understated.  The BDCP water supply is “non-firm” and not at all comparable to alternatives discussed.  What should be done?  Use a subscription process and find out if federal and state water contractors are willing to enter into contracts to purchase BDCP water.  Continue reading