About the Hydrowonk Blog

The Hydrowonk Blog is a forum to exchange information and perspectives on water markets, resource management and policy, including best management practices and analytic methods.  All dimensions (economic, finance, scientific, engineering, political, legal, and media) and from all perspectives (water user, water right owner, environmental, non-governmental, governmental, tribal, private sector, capital markets and media) of any issue are on the table.  With the growing interaction between the United States and Mexico, look for attention to bi-national matters.

The Hydrowonk Blog aspires to become an open intellectual marketplace for the water industry where individuals share and build their intellectual capital.   Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D. founding co-editor of Water Strategist is the executive blogger.  The Hydrowonk Blog is larger than an individual—a virtual community of those interested in exchanging and building intellectual capital.  Featured and guest bloggers also share their perspectives (see “Blog with Us”).

The blog is a mix of single topic posts and series.  Subject matter will be driven by the events of the day and longer-term issues.

While “water world” is inherently political, the Hydrowonk Blog aspires to be non-political.  Let facts, information, analysis, perspectives and experience take us on our journey.  Nevertheless, we are mindful of and consider political implications.  Let the community’s discussion improve our understanding of and inform political choices.

Join the discussion.  Pose questions.  Agree or disagree.  Tell us why.  Please join the discussion and become an active community member. Join us as a Featured Blogger.  Become a Guest Blogger.