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The Hydrowonk Blog extends an open invitation to anyone who wishes to become a Featured or Guest Blogger.  One-time posts, periodic posts or series are welcomed.  Our only requirements are:

  • the subject matters involves water markets, resource management and policy in any of the dimensions covered (economics, finance, science, engineering, political, legal, media), and
  • your post conforms with the Hydrowonk Code of Conduct

Please use the “Contact Us” button and fill out the form and indicate your interest in becoming either a Featured or Guest Blogger.  We will contact you to guide you through the process.

A Feature Blogger is someone who wants to join our team and make periodic single posts or series on any subject matters at the frequency of their choosing.  We ask that you respond to any posted comments and be available for consultation to the Executive Blogger regarding the evolution of the Hydrowonk Blog.  The extent of your commitment is your choice.  Your commitment is also non-exclusive.  While Stratecon retains copyright to the site, you also have the right to use your material elsewhere as you see fit.

A Guest Blogger is someone who offers a single post for our community.  We ask that you respond to any posted comments.

A Featured or Guest Blogger does not endorse or support the ideas posted by the Executive Blogger, other Featured Bloggers, or Guest Bloggers.  In addition, Featured and Guest Bloggers do not endorse or support any position taken by Stratecon, including its clients.