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Is BDCP a Doable Deal Redux—Part 2

After reading the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission’s study (“CDAIC Study”) on Bay Delta Conservation Plan (“BDCP”) financing considerations and risk, State Water Project (“SWP”) contractors and (especially) Central Valley Project (“CVP”) contractors should take a fresh look at the financial realities of relying on the BDCP. Unlike the study’s discussion of BDCP affordability,  which was marred by economic flaws, the study offers a useful discussion of financing and risk that water agency board members should consider as part of their fiduciary duty in making BDCP decisions.

The study makes a good first step in scratching the surface of risk assessment of the BDCP. Prudence requires more risk assessment. Continue reading

IID-San Diego Transfer/QSA Opponents Strike Dry Hole in CA Litigation Lottery

On June 4th, Superior Court Judge Lloyd G. Connelly in California declared the “payout” on the decade-old litigation challenging the historic Imperial Irrigation District-San Diego County Water Authority water conservation and transfer agreement and related agreements including the Quantification Settlement Agreement (“QSA”).

Judicial scoring: transfer/QSA proponents, 100; transfer/QSA opponents, 0  Continue reading