Introduction to the Water Strategist Community Blog

Welcome to the Water Strategist Community (“WSC”) Blog sponsored by Stratecon Inc.  Our industry is known for its diverse set of (often conflicting) interests where people have different perspectives, knowledge and information.  While varied interests are sometimes viewed as an impediment to progress, the WSC Blog’s objective is to harness this diversity through open and respectful dialogue to improve the solutions developed and inform the political choices confronting our industry.

The Blog will cover all aspects of water marketing, water resource management and water policy:

  • economic
  • financial
  • scientific
  • engineering
  • legal
  • political
  • media

We invite all perspectives

  • water right owners
  • water users
  • governmental
  • nongovernmental
  • environmental
  • tribal
  • private sector
  • capital markets
  • media

The WSC Blog is larger than one person or organization.  As executive blogger, I will regularly post on a single topic or a series on subject matter related to the events of the day and longer-term issues.  The WSC Blog is also open to anyone who wants to become a Featured Blogger or Guest Blogger (see “Become A WSC Blogger”).  Disagreement is welcome.  Please share your perspective, information and analysis by leaving comments on posts and reacting to others.  Exchange and build your intellectual capital.

While our “water world” is inherently political, the WSC Blog aspires to be non-political.  Let the facts, information and analysis (as we understand them) and our perspectives and experience take us on our journey.  Nevertheless, we are mindful of and consider political implications.  Let our community’s discussion improve our understanding of and inform political choices.

My next post will be this Wednesday, the first of a six-part series on Project Evaluation that will continue on Friday, January 11th.

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About Rodney T. Smith

Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D., President of Stratecon Inc.—an economics and strategic planning consulting firm—advises public and private sector water users on the acquisition, sale and leasing of water rights and water supplies in the western U.S. He is routinely involved in economic valuation of water rights, water investments, and negotiation of water acquisition and transportation agreements and has served as an expert witness in the economic valuation of groundwater resources, disputes over the economic interpretation of water contracts, economics of water conservation and water use practices, and the socio-economic impacts of land fallowing. For more information, see