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Is the Bay Delta Conservation Plan a Doable Deal?

Part 1: DWR underestimates capital costs of BDCP water facility by $2 billion

Beats me whether the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (“BDCP”) is a doable deal.  My reaction is from a review of the meeting notes and materials posted by Chris Austin in Maven’s Notebook on the July 17th  presentation by the Department of Water Resources.  Ms. Austin has provided an invaluable service of making available detailed meeting notes (in her characteristic factual style) and source documents for her readers.  Whatever one’s view is on the BDCP, all should express their gratitude to Maven.

At this stage, the BDCP is still a “concept deal.” Some concept deals mature into real projects.  Others wither away.  Further refinements in analysis and consideration will determine BDCP’s destiny.  BDCP has problem children: Continue reading